Openwin takes a lot of memory on SS4. Is this normal?

Openwin takes a lot of memory on SS4. Is this normal?

Post by Casper H.S. D » Sat, 25 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>We run Solaris 2.4 with suggested patches from SunSolve (September 1995)
>installed (on top of the patches on the Solaris HW11/94 CDROM). Now I have
>noticed a big difference in memory usage of OpenWindows on a SS4 compared to a
>SS5, both equipped with 32 MByte of Ram:
>SS5: Openwin uses 11% of ram
>SS4: Openwin uses 55% of ram

Any differences in framebuffers.

The TCX buffer is 24 bit which increases the memory.
But the kernel also counts the FB mappings as physical memories and they
count several times.  In 2.5 the "pmap" utilitiy will show you how much
memory the process really uses.

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I am running Solaris 2.3 on Sparc LX, with 48 MB of memory.
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# ps -lef | grep -v grep | grep PPID ; ps -lef | grep -v grep | grep rpc.nisd
 8 S root 143   1 80   1 20 fc371800  66111 f0178cf4   Nov 07 ?     2:33 /usr/sbin/rpc.nisd -r -Y                     ^^^^^                    

Is this correct for rpc.nisd (I checked Sunsolve for bug reports, and saw
nothing)?  ...and at this site, this box is the lone I have
nothing to compare it to.


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