problem with LINUX (NFS server) and Solaris 2.7 (intel ) NFS client.

problem with LINUX (NFS server) and Solaris 2.7 (intel ) NFS client.

Post by Ian Collin » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

> Hello,
>     I have ( Red Hat 5.2 ) linux (intel )  system working as NFS server
> and I have solaris 2.7 ( intel ) working as
> NFS (client) till now everything was working fine suddenly while
> compiling I started getting following error messages

> CC  -c -g0 -noex -compat=4   -I../../
> ......
> .....
> .....
>  -xF -PIC  xxx.C

> Write failure on xxx.o : Is a directory
> *** Error code 1
> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `xxx.o'

> I hace checked target xxx.o does not exist at all, I am getting this
> problem on NFS mounted file system
> if I copy entire directory on local file system and do compilation  I do
> not get above compilation errors.

> Also after  this if I try to copy a file using following command

> cp xyz.C   xxx.o

> cp: xxx.o:  Is a directory

> and I cannot copy , I have checked that xxx.o does not exist, but after
> few hours I can copy using above command

You may be seeing a bug with Linux NFS.  There have been quite a few
reported.  Have a look with snoop to see what error messages the server
is reporting.

I push my clients hard to avoid Linux NFS serving Solaris clients (it works

much better the other way round!).



problem with LINUX (NFS server) and Solaris 2.7 (intel ) NFS client.

Post by Kjetil Torgrim Homm » Thu, 17 Feb 2000 04:00:00

[Alok Kumar Mishra]

Quote:>       I have ( Red Hat 5.2 ) linux (intel ) system working as NFS
>       server

That's old.  You will find many improvements of the NFS code in the
more recent kernels.  Upgrade to Red Hat 6.1 if you can.

Kjetil T.


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My problem only exist under File Commander version 1.40 and beyond.
Specifically, my problem is with copying a file from my local drive to
my network drive running Linux Slackware (2.0.0) NFS server. The file
gets copied but it has zero bytes. The NFS Control Program window
displays this message:

"Open (filename) : Failed to create file."

The File Commander displays "Access denied". I click OK and the file got
copied but the length is zero.

I go over to my Linux server and the file is there with zero length and
the permission bits are all zeros.

I seem to have isolated the problem to File Commander since I don't get
this problem when I do the "copy" from the command line. The file gets
copied to my network drive with the correct permission bits.

(BTW, I don't have this problem when I copy from my network drive to my
local drive. It's only when I copy FROM my local drive TO my network

I appreciate your help.


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