problems with print-filters

problems with print-filters

Post by Ralf Aumuell » Fri, 04 Mar 1994 00:08:40


i wrote a print-filter witch insert the following lines to a PostScript
file :
                statusdict begin
                   true setduplexmode

With the command "lp -y dup filename" i want to "activate" the print-filter.
I add the print-filter with the command "lpfilter" and the following
options to the database:

                Command: /usr/lib/lp/postscript/dup_filter
                Input types: postscript
                Output types: postscript
                Printer types: any
                Printers: any
                Filter type: fast
                Options: MODES dup = dup

The Printer Type is PS and the File Contents is None (==> every file
will be filtered).

When i print a ASCII file (the SUN default filters for PostScript are
installed) it works fine, but when i print a PostScript file the following
error message appear:

UX:lp: ERROR: There is no filter to convert the file content.
      TO FIX: Use the lpstat -p -l command to find a
              printer that can handle the file type
              directly, or consult with your system

Thanks for any help.
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