dtlogin and keyboard remapping for dvorak

dtlogin and keyboard remapping for dvorak

Post by Eric Lambrec » Tue, 30 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Does the solaris dtlogin program have any options or configuration
files that let me remap the keyboard? For instance, could I create a
new 'language' that changes the keyboard mapping? What files need to
be modified?

I'm switching to the Dvorak keyboard layout, and if I can get the
dtlogin program to accept Dvorak I'm home free. If not, I'm going to
have to switch to Qwerty every time I log in.



1. How to remap keyboard to Dvorak layout.

Hello, I would like to change my default keyboard to Dvorak if possible.
I've tried remapping the .Xkeyboard file (a little cheezy), but that didn't
work. I'm using an RS/6000  running AIX. It sounds like changing
keyboards is a generic procedure, but if you need any specific system info
I can send it along. Any replies can be sent to my e-mail address

Itrat Khan.

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