NFS problem and swapping problem

NFS problem and swapping problem

Post by Rune Groena » Thu, 12 Aug 1993 15:36:08


I have some problems with the automounter/nfs when mounting a SunOS 4.1.2
disk from a machine running Solaris 2.2, and vice versa. The messages I get,
        NFS server basis not responding, still trying
        NFS server basis ok
        NFS server basis not responding, still trying
        NFS server basis ok
This takes up CPU time, and it is irritating. I have installed the following patches:
        SunOS 4.1.2: 100173-10  nfs jumbo patch
        Solaris 2.2: 100999-21  kernel & NFS driver fixes

Please note that I am using the automounter to mount the remote disk.

On the SunOS4.1.2 machine, I recently noticed that it was swapping to disk all
the time, so I got 64 MByte instead of 32 MByte memory. But it still does swap to the disk.(Even whith no user processes). What can be causing this?

My equipment: Sun SparcStation 2 running SunOS 4.1.2 (Solaris 1)
              One internal Sun0424 disk, and one external 1GByte disk
              64 MByte memory

              Sun SparcServer 1000 running Solaris 2.2
              4 processors, 2.1GByte disk, 128MByte RAM

Thanks for all help!


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1. NFS swap problem in diskless 2.1


I set up diskless FreeBSD 2.1R with Solaris 2.3 box as booptp/tftp/NFS
server according to handbook. Here is my /tftpboot/cfg. file:
        swapsize 30000
        rootopts rsize=8192 wsize=8192
        swapopts rsize=8192 wsize=8192
(with real IPs and names of cause)
With rsize,wsize options the problem described later seems to appear
less frequently. The only problem during setup was that touch'ing
/usr/myswap/swap. was not enough, I had to dd it to full size
of 30000 1k blocks.

Now all work OK --- until first shutdown. After 'shutdown -h now' system
claims that root unmount failed -- file system busy (Is it normal for NFS
root?). If then I boot FreeBSD again, everything works fine. However, if I
boot DOS even with Reset button something goes wrong on NFS server and later
FreeBSD behaves strange (for example: blank screen saver not installed -- not
in a.out format etc.) and dies at first swapping attempt. This could be fixed
with MAKEDEV all in /dev directory. After that all works again until DOS boot.

If local swap instead NFS is used everything works normally.
FreeBSD box has 3c509 ethernet card.

I would appreciate any help.


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