How do you set the timezone for sendmail in solaris2

How do you set the timezone for sendmail in solaris2

Post by Valerie Ca » Thu, 13 Oct 1994 01:56:45

   We have one machine running Solaris2 and so are not very familiar with
   it. We are having a problem getting sendmail on that machine
   to use the right timezone. Even though the default timezone
   is correct when I log in, sendmail insists on putting
   +0500 instead of -0400 in the Date field. What do I need to do
   to fix this?



1. sendmail queue delays (Sun sendmail, Solaris2.3, SS10)

Since upgrading one of our email servers to Solaris2.3, we've seen
messages lingering in the queue for relatively long times.  With
"/usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q20m" we're seeing delays of four hours or more
for some messages.

Earlier versions of Solaris2 seemed to have similar problems where
queue runs would skip every other message.  Even-numbered messages
could be out of luck for a long time...  Fixed with various
sendmail patches.  But is the problem revisiting us again in

Anyone else seen this problem (or something like it)?

We'll probably finesse it by installing sendmail 8.6.4, but I sure wish
Solaris sendmails would work reliably and robustly "out of the box"!
Bob Cunningham

School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology, University of Hawaii

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