NFS mounting NT filesystem in SUN Solaris box.

NFS mounting NT filesystem in SUN Solaris box.

Post by suresh_jo.. » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi all, I installed SFU in my NT box and start the NFS server. Then I
map the NT( users and UNIX users. Then I NFS share one NT
filesystem. from the DOS promt when I issue "showmount" command I
receive the following msg. C:\shomount -e Exports list on /Software All Machines

Now when I try to nfs mount this filesystem from UNIX ( using
the following command I get the permission denied mag.

< > mount -F nfs /mnt mount:
Permission Denied

I bogged down by this msg. Cna anyone suggest me what wrong I did or
what step I missed.

NOTE: there is no NIS( nor PCNFS) server running in our network

Thanks In advance Suresh

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can one make a windowsNT a client off of a solaris server?  i've
heard that packages such as chameleonNFS won't work off of
a NT that true?  what would i need to make
this a go?

thanx in advance,
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