Problem database?

Problem database?

Post by Jeff Van Ep » Mon, 07 Nov 1994 10:21:54

Is there a problem database searchable by those who have not agreed to
pay $XX00 per year?  If not, perhaps someone out there can help with
these specific problems occurring since 2.4:

1) who says the last person is still logged in, even though they're not,
   until the next person logs in

2) trn, when the threads are presented and I'm selecting what to read,
   if I hit 'D' to be done with this screen it shows the articles and then
   exits the entire newsgroup, even if that screen was only 10%

3) nothing I do makes lp work - "create of listen service lp failed"
   while trying to add 'lp' via admintool

On the up side, the bundled PPP works now, whereas I never did get it
to work under 2.3.


1. NN problem:Database magic number mismatch

   I am trying to get nn running under a Linux via NNTP. I have installed
NN-NNTP from the network disks and have run nnmaster with INIT to create
and initialise the database.  I have my NNTPSERVER defined in /etc.

When I run nn it says "Database magic number mismatch" and does nothing.

I havent been able to find this error explained anywhere in the docs, could
someone please help.  I have tin running fine so it I take it is nothing
to do with a problem with the newserver.

I use a PPP link.



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