UE250 resets date and time ????

UE250 resets date and time ????

Post by Gary » Thu, 01 Feb 2001 13:40:19

My UE250 sometimes looses its date and sets it ot 31Jan 19xx

Is this a batter issue or a hardware problem



1. date reset as UTC from time to time RH6.0


From time to time the date of a system I've newly configured with RH6.0
gets set as UTC, thus localtime shows up a -0800 offset. I'm in PDT

'date -u' reports the localtime !!!

/etc/sysconfig/clock is set with GMT="no".

I haven't found why there is no $TZ on this system (I'm mostly a HPUX

I'm using xntp3-5.93-12.i386.rpm installed from the RPMS of the RH6.0

I've removed linuxconf from the rc. Nothing gets reported in
/var/log/messages but xntpd complaining the jump is to high for him.
Most of the time it kills xntpd.

This time reset happens very randomly and is not related to any
particular user activity on the system nor cronted jobs.

I've never had such a problem on all my RH5.2.

If somebody has a hint on this please let me know, otherwise I'll have
tomorrow to scrap everything and drop that RH6.0 for a - more stable -

Thanks a lot,

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