occasional rsh hang at start?

occasional rsh hang at start?

Post by Ian Donalds » Fri, 19 Aug 1994 20:14:51

Anybody noticed that rsh occasionally hangs without doing anything?

System: 4 CPU SS1000; Solaris 2.3, most patches, including 101318-45.

truss(1) shows it sitting in getmsg(2);

myhost# truss -p 10505
    *** SUID: ruid/euid/suid = 143 / 0 / 0  ***
    getmsg(4, 0xDFFFF3D8, 0xDFFFF3CC, 0xDFFFF3E4) (sleeping...)

lsof(1) shows it connected to the peer host;

myhost% lsof -p 10505
rsh       10505     iand    3u  inet 0xf73c6330        0x4    TCP myhost:998->peerhost:shell
rsh       10505     iand    4u  inet 0xf71e4e30        0x0    TCP *:992

netstat(1) for the ports that lsof(1) mentions shows this:

myhost% netstat -an |grep 998
      *.998                *.*                0      0  9112      0 BOUND
myhost% netstat -an |grep 992
      *.992                *.*                0      0  8576      0 LISTEN

Note that there is nothing actually in ESTABLISHED state and the
there appears to be no connection to the peer as far as netstat is
concerned.  Strange that lsof thinks otherwise...

This problem occurs probably about 1 in 20 rsh's that I do.  With other
non-Solaris 2 hosts to the same peerhost, there is no problem.

Ian D


occasional rsh hang at start?

Post by mar.. » Wed, 31 Aug 1994 13:59:05

>Anybody noticed that rsh occasionally hangs without doing anything?

get 101318-54, it solves rsh* trouble



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I just set up TCP Wrapper 7.1 on a SunOS 4.1.3 server.  We have all of our
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in inetd.conf, and the access control files as:


        in.rshd: ALL: DENY

(I did a kill -HUP on inetd on the server when I changed inetd.conf).  When
I tested the wrapper out, I used a client in alltrust and a client not in
alltrust.  Luckily, the wrapper logs the successes and failures of rsh'ing to
the server correctly.  However, when a client not in alltrust tries to rsh to
the server (i.e. rsh server id), rsh just hangs.  I tried a test with telnet
and everything went fine.  Does anyone have an idea of what might be the

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