Possible to use IBM QIC-1000 (7207 Model 12) drive on Sparc 10?

Possible to use IBM QIC-1000 (7207 Model 12) drive on Sparc 10?

Post by dmora » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 01:47:49


I'm wondering if it is possible to use an IBM QIC-1000 (7207 Model 12)
drive on a sparc 10. Better yet, has anyone done this ?
I realize I'll have to get around the cabling problem. Given my limited

knowledge of hardware, I'm loathe to just go ahead and hook it up, and
been unable to find any documentation in house which says that the
sparc uses
SCSI x protocol and the tape drive uses SCSI y protocol.

(The sparc uses SCSI-2 and the IBM tape drive is SCSI-1 correct ? so I
should just be able to hook 'em up together right ?)


1. 7207 Model 011 Tape Drive: Bootable? Which tapes?

Yes it's bootable and if I remember right it is a 525MB drive ...someone
correct me if I'm wrong.

An 001 is 150MB/250MB and an 012 is a 1.2GB.

So the tapes you would use are DC6525s, if you dont know the condition
of the drive I'd try used tapes first as they go cheep on the net.

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