How to downsize /var/nis/hostname.log file using NIS+?

How to downsize /var/nis/hostname.log file using NIS+?

Post by Suzanna M. Vasquez, Bldg 749, X41 » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 04:13:18

Does anyone have a way to downsize /var/nis/hostname.log file?  This
file is the NIS+ transaction log that is displayed when using "nislog".
This log file keeps getting bigger.




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1. NIS+ log files in /var

        Some of the nis+ log files kept in /var have grown to be quite
large.  Files such as:


        among others.  Is it safe to trim (or empty) these log files?  I need
to free up space on /var and am running out of things to remove.

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