Adding a new device driver, need help

Adding a new device driver, need help

Post by SAMUEL BLA » Fri, 20 May 1994 21:56:24


I was working with SUN's driver developer kit (DDK), when i found that there
samples would not attach to the running kernel.  What am I doing wrong?

1. Compiled using Sun's compiler.  The makefile has the -D_KERNEL option,
   and it is linked with the "-r" option, both required for device drivers.

2. Moved the resultant driver to /usr/kernel/drv.  There was no hardware
   configuration file.

3. Ran "add_drv driver_name".  At this point it returns with:

drvconfig: System call 'modctl_modconfig' failed: No such device or address
Warning: Driver (modsp) configuration failed.
 System could not install the driver.

What have I missed?  I tried the above procedure with a small test driver
that i had written.  It gave the same error message.  It does appear to
call the _info, _init, and unfortunatly, _fini routines.  A hardware
configuration file made no difference to the results.

Any pointers, hints, or good ideas are appreciated.



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do that I get the message that the loopback device /dev/loop0 isn't
available.  I know that I can add this, but am not sure how.  Assuming
that I can
use insmod to add the device, it requires that I know the name of the
module.  Does anyone know what that would be?

 any help would be great,

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