JDS and window focus

JDS and window focus

Post by Thommy M. Malmstr? » Tue, 27 Jun 2006 17:07:18

Running JDS on a 5.11 snv_35 i86pc and have set Window behavior to
"Select windows when the mouse moves over them"

However, when switching between virtual workspaces the windows focus
don't take effect. This is very annoying when switching to a workspace
with a terminal window and start typing and focus is not there. It
brings up interesting applications like StarOffice or Firefox instead...

So, anything I can do to change the behavior?

/Thommy M.


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I'm trying to work with a small window manager and customize it's behavior.
 I'm working with lwm as a starting place.  One issue I've been struggling
with is how to keep focus from following the mouse.  The place where it's
being handled now is in the EnterNotify handler and when I make that
handler return, to keep the code from switch the focus of the windows, when
the mouse makes it over the client inside the frame, the input focus still
switches.  Is there some other message that changes the focus?  I tried
adding FocusIn and FocusOut handlers but I must not be registering properly
for those events because my handlers don't get called.

I've been trying to look in the code of fvwm2 but since they made it a
style it hasn't seemed really clear how they get ClickToFocus to work.

Any suggestions?

Kelly French

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