Smail & Solaris 2.4

Smail & Solaris 2.4

Post by William Crav » Fri, 06 Oct 1995 04:00:00

We are experiencing a "connection" problem with  Smail  servers
running on  Solaris 2.4  systems - where a client trying to establish an
smtp connection with the smail daemon is being timed out. The problem is
sporadic in the sense that it works for the first couple of connections
and then fails for the next and then works again later.

Using netstat -a on the server shows that the "smtp" sockets are either
in SYN_RCVD or TIME_WAIT state but very rarely is ESTABLISHED seen.

The Smail software was compiled using  gcc 2.7.0  on  Solaris 2.4  with
kernel jumbo patch 101945-32. The hardware is a Sun SPARCstation 20 with
2 CPUS and 64 MB RAM.

Also note that the Washington University IMAP software was also compiled
with the same environment and working satisfactorily.

Any folk out there have any ideas where I am going wrong......

Desparately Seeking Solution   (Users Complaining.....)

William Craven

UNIX Systems, Computing Service         +44-(0)1273-678090

Falmer, Brighton


1. Smail and Solaris 2.4?

|> Has anyone been successful in bringing up Smail on Solaris 2.4?
|> I've gotten (on 2.4 101945-23) going for the most part.  
|> Everything seems to work, routing, local delivery, uucp delivery, etc.
|> The only problem is, as soon as an SMTP (ie telnet to port 25) connection is
|> made, the deamon forks, then the child instantly core dumps.
|> I used GCC 2.6.3 for the build.  The manual warns that there are known
|> problems with GCC & Smail in the inet routines.

This seems to be the problem they are referring to. I had the same thing happen to
me. I then remade it with Sun C and it seems to work ok. The only thing that
I found, (And it caused me much consternation and work.) was the way Solaris
impliments fprintf to a socket. This caused multiple packets to be sent for
some reply lines. The first being the message number and the next being the
text of the message. This cause my Mac Mailstrom clients to have fits when
sending messages. This was not the behavior on 4.1.3.

Oh well, such is life on the bleeding edge.


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