PCI driver Solaris 2.6 : DIP question :-)

PCI driver Solaris 2.6 : DIP question :-)

Post by Zeev Wurma » Wed, 09 Jun 1999 04:00:00


We are trying to create a PCI driver for Solaris 2.6 and out breadboard
PCI card. Card and driver work on Linux and same hardware, so the
card ought to be OK...

Driver was written. /kernel/drv/<driver>.conf was set up.
  helios# cat pcidc66.conf
  name="pcidc66" parent="pseudo" vendor-id="137d" instance=0;

Driver is added and tries to do a basic operation:

  helios#add_drv -v -m"* 0666 bin bin" -i"pcidc66" -c pci pcidc66
  pcidc66:pciidentify called
  pcidc66:pciprobe called
  pcidc66:pciattach called dip = 615bc640 cmd = 0
  pcidc66:ddi_dev_nregs Failed
  pcidc66:ddi_dev_nregs returned 0
  Could not read symbolic link /dev/bd.off
  Driver (pcidc66) installed.

Looks like the passed DIP is bad/illegal. Any idea/suggestions?

I'd love to pay for few hours of "deep" consulting :-)

Regards, Ze'ev Wurman

The corresponding entries in /var/messages are:

Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pcidc66:_info called
Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pcidc66:_init entered
Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pcidc66:pciidentify called
Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pcidc66:pciprobe called
Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pcidc66:pciattach called dip = 615bc640 cmd
= 0
Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pseudo0: invalid op (6) from pcidc660
Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pcidc66:ddi_dev_nregs Failed
Jun  8 17:58:10 helios unix: pcidc66:ddi_dev_nregs returned 0

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