shared memory facility

shared memory facility

Post by Claus Sto » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00

When installing Solaris 2.4 and Sybase SQL Server it turned out that the
shared memory facility, that is used by Sybase, wasn't loaded into
the system unless I set the shared memory size in /etc/system.

The man page states that all modules in the default module path are loaded
on demand unless explicitly excluded in /etc/system. Obviously this
wasn't the case. Am I missing something or is this a 'bug'?

Just for the sake of curiosity:
Is there a list of all the kernel parameters that can be set?
Using Sybase under Solaris 2.4 requires some undocumented variables to
be set in order to work correctly. I'm not blaming anyone, neither
Sybase nor Sun, just would like to know if I missed something in the

Please 'crossmail' to my e-mail address below, as I don't come here regularly

Regards and thaks in advance

  Claus Stolz                          ///       I drank WHAT ??


1. problems configuring shared memory facility and semaphores facility

I suppose I needs to add this to the FAQ.

Anyway, semaphores aren't loaded until needed.  Ipcs is broken in that
it gives info on whether a system is loaded or not, not whether it
is available.  If you use them, you'll find the semaphores are there.

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