sendmail server setup for Solaris 2.5.1 x86

sendmail server setup for Solaris 2.5.1 x86

Post by Sophie T. » Mon, 07 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Is there anywhere I can find a set of sample setup files that I can
change the domain name or few lines to make sendmail server work?

Please help.  It is really frustrate with sendmail setup.


1. Strange Setup with Sendmail 8.8.4 and Solaris x86 v.2.5.1

I just installed Sendmail 8.8.4 on our new Solaris x86 v2.5.1 box which will
be taking over as mailhost for the office.

So, I need to whip up a to handle our current mail arrangement
and our future mail arrangement.

Our office has a domain name of ''.  We want all machines in the
domain to appear to come from this address.  Incoming mail is forwarded to
various hosts within the domain from the mailhost as appropriate through the
use of forwarding files and or aliases.

Most of the systems are connected by ethernet, but there is a LAN in another
city linked by UUCP and a single host elsewhere also by UUCP.


site3                     site1                    site2
-----                     -----                    ----- <-UUCP- -UUCP->
                          -ETHER->                 -ETHER->

The machine also needs to ignore host information for incoming Emails (at
least those that aren't described above) handle the PCs running POP.

The system then needs to grow to when we get an Internet connection.....
so for now all outgoing mail goes to our UUCP provider, later they can go
direct (or their MX) or maybe a fallback MX.

Incoming mail would then come through either our Internet connection or by
UUCP from an alternate MX site.

To complicate things is also known by a different domain name
and it is the mailhost for that domain.

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