anyone got 2.4 x86 working with plato m/b and ncr 810 SCSI?

anyone got 2.4 x86 working with plato m/b and ncr 810 SCSI?

Post by Mark Fro » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 14:17:00

I'm having difficult installing Solaris 2.4 x86 on a system with an Intel
Premiere II (aka "plato") motherboard and an ASUS PCI-SC200 pci-scsi
controller.  I've also got a Plextor 4-plex cdrom drive.

I can boot the distribution floppy (I tried the driver 4 update and just tried
the new driver 5 update), tell it to boot the cdrom and it will show me the
copyright message and the spinning bar.  After about 2 minutes of floppy,
cd and hard drive activity, the screen will flash red briefly for a second
and then it everything will stop (except for the spinning bar on the screen)
and the system hangs.

I have been working with Sun techsupport on this and we're still kinda stuck.
From running the kernel de*, it appears to be* when it loads the
ncrs (810-based scsi driver).  I've never had problems with this scsi card
and it works fine under DOS.

Note that I also have a second scsi hard drive and a soundblaster AWE32
card which for now I have removed from the system to ease debugging.

Has anyone been able to get a similar configuration working?


-mark frost


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Dear netters!

I have a Plato P90 board (BIOS 1.00.10.ax1) and the NCR 810 PCI slot
SCSI adapter. I can't install Slackware 2.0.0 (there  is
a boot disk file working on those NCR PCI cards named ncr) but my
drives (1GB Seagate 31200N and the NEC 2xi CDROM) are not recognized.
There was another bootdisk image (called zfs I think) whitch should
be the 1.1.19 kernel, this kernel sees the SCSI adapter, but stopps
with a kernel panic message.

I think a newer kernel like 1.1.51 could solve my problem, but all ftp
servers I found have only precompiled kernels <=1.1.19. I have the
sources for 1.1.51, but I have no access to a linux box to make
the kernel.
Could anybody send me a bootdisk (only the file of course), so I could
setup a basic linux system on my computer?!?! (uuencode would be ok!)

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Huber

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