Off-line newsreader for Solaris

Off-line newsreader for Solaris

Post by David Swang » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 22:27:43

Someone recently asked me if there was an offline newsreader for our Suns
(which run Solaris).  I guess this thing would run on a PC, you'd download
all of your mail, read it, compose replies, dial up the Sun again and
upload your new messages.  I don't spend much time with PC's, so I don't
know if these things exist or not.

Thanks for any help you can send.

David Swanger   University Computing    Auburn University, AL


1. Announce: skim 0.4 uploaded to sunsite (graphical off-line newsreader)


I've uploaded skim version 0.4 to sunsite. This obsoletes skim version 0.1
(0.2 and 0.3 were not released to the public) as well as the skim_tcl package
which was released separately. You can soon find skim version 0.4 in:

What is skim?
Skim is a graphical off-line newsreader which is designed to minimize the
on-line time when using a slow serial link (for example, 14K4 Slip or PPP).

Skim is useful when your phone company or Internet access provider charges for
on-line time, or when conventional newsreaders are too slow.

What's new in version 0.4?

  - Integrated a graphical interface for skim contributed by Christoph
    Neerfeld. Skim is now easy to use. Many thanks to Christoph.

  - The number of parallel connections to the NNTP server is now configurable
    by means of an environment variable. You can use it to tune the utilization
    of your serial link. It is also useful when the news server is overloaded,
    or when your news server limits the maximum number of concurrent
    connections per client IP address. Some users reported that they couldn't
    use skim 0.1, since their news server doesn't allow many parallel

  - Performance improvements in the graphical interface.

  - Fixed a bug which caused skim not to fetch articles which were selected by
    inserting a TAB. This bug was reported by a couple of users.

  - Fixed a number of other bugs in skim and xskim, mostly related to error
    handling. Also, some discrepancies between skim and xskim were resolved.

  - Implemented the command 'skim newsgroups', which retrieves a list of all
    valid newgroups from the news server.

  - Many other changes are documented in the README file.

Good luck,
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