C or C++ library for interprocess communication

C or C++ library for interprocess communication

Post by Galen Won » Wed, 09 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

I need to develop a client/server system that requires writing several
server processes in an Unix/Solaris environment. I am not a Unix or C expert
but I know Solaris provide several ways like message queues and shared
memory for interprocess communication programming. However, I am on a tight
schedule and cannot afford time to climb the learning curve at this moment.
I want to know are there any good C or C++ libraries out there that can
provide these functions.

I need a secure and efficient way to send and receive messages among
different server programs.  The package should be able to buffer up messages
when a server is busy, ideally also support message recovery should a
message lost occur.

Thank you kindly,


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What mechanisms are usually used for interprocess communication in C++? When
project consists of several processes located at different network nodes how
it is easier to program all the messaging between processes/classes.
Example: one class calls the function from another class that is located on
another computer.

Thank you for any keywords!

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