JXTA for J2ME Chat Transcript Available

JXTA for J2ME Chat Transcript Available

Post by Drew Wre » Sat, 20 Apr 2002 02:34:33

In case you missed the April 9 live chat with Project JXTA's
Akhil Arora and Carl Haywood regarding JXTA for J2ME, the
transcript is now available at:


This chat covered strategies for developing distributed,
decentralized, peer-to-peer (p2p) applications using JXTA
for J2ME, a P2P infrastructure for J2ME devices.  Also, the
design and architecture of JXTA for J2ME and its APIs were


1. PPP/CHAT: chat won't chat with modem, why?

I've been trying to get a dynamic IP connection to work via ppp, and I
think I've narrowed the problem down to the chat program.  chat
doesn't seem to be getting any responses from the modem.  I've been
trying to figure out what's going on by running chat from the command
line (can this work?), but no luck.  For example,

gives the following error messages:

Mar  9 11:43:49 rezkbox chat[1285]: timeout set to 3 seconds
Mar  9 11:43:49 rezkbox chat[1285]: send (^MAT^M^M)
Mar  9 11:43:49 rezkbox chat[1285]: expect (OK)
Mar  9 11:43:52 rezkbox chat[1285]: alarm
Mar  9 11:43:52 rezkbox chat[1285]: send (+++)
Mar  9 11:43:52 rezkbox chat[1285]: expect (OK)
Mar  9 11:43:55 rezkbox chat[1285]: alarm
Mar  9 11:43:55 rezkbox chat[1285]: Failed

I really don't know what's going on.  I'm also a bit confused about
the chat program; it's supposed to communicate with the modem, but how
does it even know which serial port the modem is on?

Any ideas?

-- Charles Rezk

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