Blade100 noise

Blade100 noise

Post by Jan Bir » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:56:34


The fan in my blade100 is very noisy. Is it possible to reduce the noise
without damaging the machine?

Best regards

/Jan Birk


Blade100 noise

Post by Michael Laajane » Fri, 14 Mar 2003 07:15:24


> Hi

> The fan in my blade100 is very noisy. Is it possible to reduce the noise
> without damaging the machine?

probably if the area is not to hot but you need to keep an eye on the
machine temperature before and after.

use the command /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/prtdiag to check the temp


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Blade100 noise

Post by Alan Stang » Sat, 15 Mar 2003 12:08:59

> Hi

> The fan in my blade100 is very noisy. Is it possible to reduce the noise
> without damaging the machine?

Yes.   The guy in the office next to me (Hi Harry) replaced the cpu fan
in his Blade 150 (*) with one from the same manufacturer.  The new fan
actually has a higher airflow and is much quieter.   Just pop open the
case and look at the cpu fan currently installed on your machine to get
the name of the maker.   Some folks from Sun were here looking at the
box and thinking they probably ought to use a different fan...

(*) I'm assuming the fan system is similar on the Blade 100 and
150...and that the cpu fan is the cause of the problem.

Good Luck.

PS  For anyone at Sun working on the upcoming US IIIi boxes that are to
ship in May....use a quiet fan.  The Blade 1000 is unbearable in an
office setting and the 100 and 150 are also too loud.   I'm planning on
buying one of those boxes when they come out, so this is important.

-- Alan


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Just fishing for ideas....

We have a 2 node cluster with a blade 100 as a management box. This Blade100
is on a small management network that has itself, the aloms from the cluster
nodes and also a connection to each node (again for management). This network
is isolated from the rest of our networks - and our backup servers :(

Suggestions on how to back up the blade100? I was going to stick a tape
drive on it but of course, being ide only thats not quite so simple as
the only tape drives we have kicking about are SCSI.

We don't want to setup a network route between the management net and
the net our backup server is on (not in the short term anyway). Given that
the cluster nodes are on the main net (and are backed up) an option would
be a ufsdump onto one of the nodes and then let that get backed up but
its not ideal. Another option was to take regular flashimages of the
blade100 and store on a piece of nfs store - this has the advantage that
a reinstall of the blade would be simple from the image but I'm not sure
how sucessful a scripted "flar create" would be on a live (albeit fairly
static) system. Should this only be done in single user? Do we risk ending
up with an archive that we can't actually install from??




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