FYI: APC UPS with Sun Blade 100 on 2nd serial port ttyb

FYI: APC UPS with Sun Blade 100 on 2nd serial port ttyb

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Just a little bit of  information  on  connecting  a UPS to a Sun
Blade 100. It took me a while to gater all of the  information  I
needed  from usenet so this might save  somebody  some time - the
information is available, but does need to be tracked down.

UPS Model:  APC - Smart-UPS (SU620INET - 230V/AC)

            The Smart UPS  models are best  supported  by the S/W
            and is probably the only one to consider. Downside is
            that it does have a bigger price tag.

Software required: ACP UPS Daemon

            There is some  software  supplied  with the Smart-UPS
            but I did not  like  the  look of it.  They do have a
            product  called  PowerChute  Plus which is given away
            for  Windows and sold for $$ on Solaris - this is the
            kind of policy that I very much dislike and feel that
            everything  should  be  supplied  with the  product -
            especially when I am on a Sun Blade !.


    To  connect to the UPS to the Blade via serial  then you need
    to connect on "ttyb" - the 2nd serial  port.  There is no 2nd
    serial  external  connection on the Blade so you need to make
    one using a spare PCI slot.

    A second  serial port header is located on the riser board at
    J13 - I took  information  on the pin-out from the "Sun Blade
    150 Service  Manual" (June 2002) - Sun document  816-4379-10;
    Appendix B5. You will need a DB9 serial  connector  to IDE-10
    mounted  in a PCI slot - I took  mine from a very old 33DX PC
    which had the correct connections and gender as "ttya" i.e.

        IDE/1  -  DB9/1
        IDE/2  -  DB9/6
        IDE/3  -  DB9/2
        IDE/4  -  DB9/7
        IDE/5  -  DB9/3
        IDE/6  -  DB9/8
        IDE/7  -  DB9/4
        IDE/8  -  DB9/9
        IDE/9  -  DB9/5

    Check  these  yourself  do not  rely  on me  typing  them  in
    correctly.  Given a ribbon  connector of the correct type - a
    visual  inspection  of the back of the DB9  connector  should
    reveal odd/even wires being connected to upper/lower rows (it
    looks  very  tidy).  Any  crossing  of wires and you have the
    wrong inter-connect (could re-solder them to fix).

    The standard  cable  supplied  with the Smart-UPS may be used
    for connection to this second serial port.

Software Setup:

    Follow  the  build,  install  and  test  instructions  in the
    EXCELLENT  documentation  supplied with the apcupsd  software
    (on-line  or  PDF).  Use the CD  supplied  with  the UPS as a
    coaster  for your  coffee as you install and  configure  your

    The  only  issue I had post  install  was that the  incorrect
    version of "shutdown" was bing used in the "apccontrol"  file
    - possibly because I omitted to get my configuration settings
    correct   when  I  built   the   software.   Make  sure  that
    "/usr/sbin/shutdown"  is  used  as  opposed  to  the  one  in
    "/usr/ucb/". This fault is apparent when you run the tests as
    a notification of shutdown is issued and nothing happens.

For the people who wrote,  support and  maintain  "apcupsd" a big
Thank You! - good stuff.

J o n.


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