"--mode compile" instead of "--mode=compile" problem with libtool

"--mode compile" instead of "--mode=compile" problem with libtool

Post by Teeb » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 12:33:19

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I am trying to compiling Apache on a sparc10 with Solaris 7
and the problem is that libtool don't accept its parameter
in the form it should (and says it do in its help)

libtool --mode compile   do work but
libtool --mode=compile   do not work, then it just say
   libtool: invalid operation mode '--modecompile'

The way apaches makefile have it is with a "="
but libtool (i have tried both the one that comes with apache
and a newer one) don't work then. libtool only
works if you skip the "="

Is there any thing that is broken in my solaris-installation
that creates this problem?

Any ideas how to fix it?