LDAP in solaris8

LDAP in solaris8

Post by Jean Henche » Thu, 16 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone succeeded in getting the directory server (in the solaris8
distro) to work?

Does anyone have some insight as to the long term NIS/NIS+/LDAP
integration is going?


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1. LDAP between Windows2000 ActiveDirectory and Solaris8


I'm new with LDAP and I try to establish a LDAP connection between
Windows2000 ActiveDirectory and Solaris8.
What I really need is the passwd via LDAP. The server should be Windows

Is there anyone, which uses this type of connection ?
Is there a short cookbook available ?
For LDAP, is there anything necessary to install on Windows2000 ?
I got a recommendation for openldap as a LDAP solution, is this ok ?


Burkhard Kiesel

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