C++ library interfacing to database

C++ library interfacing to database

Post by Maz Spor » Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I am looking for options: I am building a simple framework which
needs simple, generic database handling (in C++). I don't want to do
preprocessing. Do you know of any libraries (e.g., Rogue Wave)
that offer sucn an interface - preferably onto Oracle 8i (and on
Solaris and Win32 alike)?


1. Database library for C++ Linux (gcc)

I am looking for a database library for C++ for linux. I am also looking for
advice on a book for C++ that is specific to Linux. I have a good background
of C++, I have taken a 3months course in C++, but I need a book that goes a
little bit further. I am required to do a database program for Linux using
C++ (has to be C++).

I was also wondering if it is possible to write a C++ program that would
make use of x-window features.

I am still a sort of making my first steps in the field, so please feel free
to correct me if I am wrong.

Please email to:

(Please remove nospam)

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