Moving from BSD to Solaris

Moving from BSD to Solaris

Post by Contr Karl Vog » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 04:52:02


We're migrating our MIS from BSD4.3 to a Solaris 2.3 system, and I'm looking
for comments from people who've done likewise.

We have about 400 PCs running Windows 3.1 with the PC/TCP package from FTP
software.  The PCs are connected to our Unix box via Ethernet, and I'd love
to hear about successes or failures from people with similar setups;
comments like "Brand X terminal servers work fine" or "We had a hell of a
time setting up printing from a networked PC" are exactly what I'm looking

We need to support the following capabilities.  If you have experience with
ANY of these things on a system running Solaris, please share your insights:

        - Telnet availability for up to 128 simultaneous users from PCs.
        - 10 Gbytes of disk space with SCSI Exabyte backup.
        - Network printing from PCs using the MIS as a print server, using
          Microplex LPD printserver boxes connected to each printer.
        - Remote printing to PostScript printers over a phone line.
        - Mail handling on PCs using the MIS as a mail server.
        - FTP and NFS capability for the PCs.
        - A menu-system which allows users to run applications on the MIS,
          accessible via telnet from the PCs.  Alternatively, a software-only
          X-windows product which allows a PC to run applications on the MIS.
        - Multiple modems accessible from the network (i.e., dialin/dialout
        - Oracle version 7 on the MIS.

Additional nice-to-have capabilities would be:

        - Fax capability from the MIS.
        - Mounting one or more CD-ROMs as NFS filesystems for PCs.
        - 3270 emulation from the MIS over a network connection.

Feel free to post your replies; I read this group daily.  If you'd rather send
mail to save bandwidth, that's dandy.  I'll summarize any responses I get.
Thanks in advance.


Control Data Systems, Inc.      ASC/YCOA, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433


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pmake on Solaris...and that's when I ran into a wall.

Apparently, pmake's makefiles are written in, guess what, pmake.  So I need
pmake to build pmake.  Catch-22...  That, or read the makefiles by hand and
execute the build commands by hand...

Perhaps someone has done the port work and knows where I can find a Solaris
package for pmake?



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