port name questions..

port name questions..

Post by Jimm » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hello all,

        There are devices connected to the solaris 2.5 server. How can I find
the port name of each device? Is it possible to find all the port names
and the corresponding device connected to this port?



1. How to setup named to let two names relate to different ports on thew same machine

Could anyone tell me if, and if how it is posible to setup named in such a way that if
i ware to give one machine (my x.x.x.11 machine) two names (let say 'www1' and 'www2'),
if than i could setup one httpd on let say tcp port 80, and one on 8080, and let the following occure:

if http://www1.domainname is questioned, the httpd on 80 responds.
if http://www2.domainname is questioned the httpd on 8080 responds.

Please tell me if this is posible, and if so how.

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