looking for ups debugger

looking for ups debugger

Post by Thomas Kiening » Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hello out there,

We have changed most machines to SOLARIS some months ago.
But since I can't find my favorit de* (called 'ups')
I used to develop and debug on a machine that still runs
SUN-OS. I tried to get the sources of ups but I could not
successfully compile and link the code under SOLARIS.

Our system administrators told me to use sparcworks where
I shall find a debugging tool. But I would still prefer
the use of the old ups if possible.

Does someone of you have a SOLARIS binary that he/she
could give me? Or could someone tell me how to compile
the sources and where to get the newest release of ups?

Thanks in advance...

PS: Could you please e-mail your answer to me.

Thomas Kieninger
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