Anyone using Apache with php3 on Solaris x86

Anyone using Apache with php3 on Solaris x86

Post by Ralf Senftlebe » Tue, 01 Sep 1998 04:00:00


is there anyone who is using Apache 1.3 with php3 on Solaris

Any experience is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,



1. anyone using intel ether express with solaris 2.4 x86?

it looks like, when i drive the ethernet at ethernet speed, that
interface wedges up.  sometimes

        ifconfig iee0 down
        ifconfig iee0 up

will cure it, but (more often) i hae to reboot my system.  i find no
patches which address this issue.  am i the only person out there using
an ether epxress which behaves like this?

(i'm pretty confident the ethernet card isn't at fault since i was able
to drive it at ethernet speed consistently with windows nt 3.5 ... )

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