Old SCSI disk not supported on Solaris 2.4 ?

Old SCSI disk not supported on Solaris 2.4 ?

Post by Henrik Schul » Fri, 08 Sep 1995 04:00:00

We have a SPARC Classic system that runs our FTP server.
We reused a 4-5 year old MAXTOR 760Mb SCSI disk, and that ran
fine under Solaris 2.2.

Today I upgraded the system to Solaris 2.4, and to my big
surprise the can't system create the /dev -> /devices links
for that device at boot time.
Other disks works OK, and the probe-scsi command can see the
old MAXTOR disk OK, so it doesn't look like it's the controller
that has died on me.

So, the situation is that I have all the FTP data on a disk
drive that I can't access... bummer!

Is it true that the SCSI drivers in Solaris 2.4 dropped support
for such older disks? Would there be additional drivers I can
install from the net somewhere?

Any input is appreciated! Our FTP server is dead!!!

Thanks, Henrik


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What I did was install Win95 first, then installed Solaris.  It
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