portmap not responding [2.4]

portmap not responding [2.4]

Post by Carlos Lazcano-Veg » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

The problem is that I have a SPARCserver 20 (SS20) with Solaris 2.4 and
a SPARCclassic X (SCX), everything is installed and configured, but when
I start the SCX I get this error message:
   mountnfs: /opt/SUNWxt:/opt/SUNWxt portmap not responding

I think it is because portmap does not exist in Solaris 2.4, it is
replaced by rpcbind, but the software we have for the SCX seems to be
looking for something that existed in previous versions of Solaris, on
the portmap deamon that now does not exist on rpcbind...

Does anyone have an idea of what is it and how to make it work???


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