Modify Cron mail subject from displaying "Output from Cron"

Modify Cron mail subject from displaying "Output from Cron"

Post by Chris Matter » Sat, 13 Nov 2004 02:00:30

> Hi,

> We have a number of cron jobs running and all we have is a stupid:
> Output from "cron" command.

> So far we've been using a redirection to /dev/null but the risk is to
> miss potential problems.

> I would like instead to have a message like those we have from a linux

> path>.

> That way we know at a glance which script / command did fail.

> We use sendmail and on one particular solaris box we use exim.

> I unsuccessfully searched on the net how to do that.

> Thanks in advance

Instead of letting cron automatically mail your job's stdout
to you, route it yourself to a mail program.  Then you can
use the mail program to set whatever subject you want.
             Christopher Mattern

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