X-Windows client for Windows NT/95

X-Windows client for Windows NT/95

Post by Doug Hocki » Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:45:14

> It does.  I think James is confused with Xwin Pro.  That one has been
> transformed into shareware at $90 and is on Tucows.  If it works for
> you, great, but I warn that you can't even log into a Solaris without
> seeing evidence of problems in the emulation.

It's now called WinaXe and it's from LabTam Finland Ltd.


We all use it here quite successfully.  Cost $90 per copy and we've
gotten two upgrades for free.  I find it real reliable and use
it against Solaris, HPUX, AIX and Linux.  Every so often it has crashed,
maybe twice in the time I've used it.  We're using it on Win2000.

The one annoying thing to me is you can only have a single session
running to a single machine at one time.  I just telnet to
the other machines and set DISPLAY to my NT box and the windows
show up in that single session window on the NT box.

It's well worth $90 in my opinion.

-- Doug