sbpro.conf for x86 2.5.1 needed

1. need Solaris 7 x86 asy.conf

Could someone please email me asy.conf from Solaris 7 x86, if the file
exists in that release? I *think* you'll find it as
/platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/asy.conf. Please let me know where you
find it on your system, if it's moved.

I'm trying to update Celeste's modem tutorial for Solaris 7, and
need to make sure that file hasn't changed, and that it's still
the place to enable ports other than COM1. If you have a words of
wisdom about serial ports and Solaris 7 for the modem tutorial,
let me know.

..Celeste Stokely, Information Technology Project Mgmt Consultant
  Stokely Consulting, 211 Thompson Square, Mountain View CA 94043 - Home of Unix Serial Port & Sysadm Resources

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