HELP (I'm a listserv dummy)

HELP (I'm a listserv dummy)

Post by Bob 'The Janitor' » Fri, 03 Jun 1994 07:59:56

and I need off this list...
please someone!  signoff me or unsubscribe me...
please please please?

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1. Linux dummy can't configure dummy interface


  I am trying to set up INN for my machine, and one of the first steps
is to configure the dummy device.

  I rebuilt my kernel with the dummy device included, installed it
with lilo as normal and rebooted, but when I try it it responds like
this :

# ifconfig dummy
dummy: unknown interface.

  My system is a P75 running Slackware96 (kernel 2.0). It doesn't have
an Ethernet card and the only networking is via the modem (I connect
using a dip script) or to localhost for local logins.

  I have checked the NET-2-HOWTO file and the "Linux Network Administrator's
Guide" and "Running Linux" books from O'Reilly but they don't seem to
have heard of this problem.

  Can anyone help?



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