mount problem on Solaris 2.4

mount problem on Solaris 2.4

Post by Zsolt Koppam » Tue, 19 Nov 1996 04:00:00


I try to mount (under SOLARIS 2.4 and the SOLARIS host is called mxsol)
a disk of an AIX computer and I always get on error:
command:        mount ppc:/home/src /src
                nfs mount ppc:/home/src access denied

I figured out that on the 'ppc:' host
the /etc/exports file contains the following:
        /home/src -root=mxsol:mxsni -access=mxsol:mxsni

If I change the file to contain the line
        /home/src -root=mxsol:mxsni
I can mount the disk. If I'm correct that line means
that everybody can mount the target disk what I don't want.

What do I make wrong ?


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Hi, Could one of the residing Usenet Gods please help me out w/ my

Solaris 2.4/x86
486DX2/66 w/20 megs ram
Promise EIDE Controller
Master = 1.2 Gig Conner EIDE
         1 Meg Partition for OS/2 Boot Manager
         8xx Partition formated FAT w/ PC DOS 7.0 Installed  - Active
         4xx Partition formated FAT w/ Currently Empty
Slave  = 340 meg Conner IDE
         340 Partition formated Type 82 (ufs) w/ Solaris 2.4/x86 - Active

Both OS's boot fine from the boot manager, and I can mount pcfs/dos
floppies in solaris, *but* I can not mount my dos partition's in Solaris.
Upon execution of 'fdisk /dev/rdsk/c0d0p0' it states that under this
device that partition 2 is my dos partion which it says the type is
'DOS-BIG', So I attempted to 'mount -Fpcfs /dev/dsk/c0d0p1 /dos' and
it spit out the error that it was not a pcfs and a second line saying
error. Is there something really obviously that I am missing ? Please
Help, It would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.. e-mail or
msg here.....

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