What is the best way to enlarge the root FS in 2.4 x86?

What is the best way to enlarge the root FS in 2.4 x86?

Post by Ewin Barne » Sun, 17 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I foolishly took the default file system sizes when I installed x86 2.4.  Now,
I am anticpating the upgrade to 2.5 and certainly it will require more space
in root.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to enlarge the root fs?

Ewin Barnett


1. "who am i" on x86 vs Sparc Solaris 2.4

On Solaris x86 2.4, the "who am i" command does not print out as the last
field, the system from which a user has logged in from over the network.
SPARC Solaris 2.4 does, however.  "who" alone on x86 and SPARC does print
out the remote host, though.

x86 2.4:
babylon5:~:$ who
mikebat    console      Jun 13 17:00
mikebat    pts/2        Jun 20 11:21
mikebat    pts/3        Jun 20 11:21
mikebat    pts/4        Jun 20 11:22
mikebat    pts/5        Jun 26 16:22    (ivanova.NAI-Sys.COM)
babylon5:~:$ who am i
mikebat    pts/5        Jun 20 11:20

SPARC 2.4:
ivanova:~:$ who
root       console      Jun 19 13:59
mikebat    pts/0        Jun 26 16:03    (babylon5.NAI-Sys.COM)
ivanova:~:$ who am i
mikebat    pts/0        Jun 26 16:03    (babylon5.NAI-Sys.COM)

What gives?  How can this be corrected?  I need consistent behavior on
both platforms, unless someone can point out some other way a login script
can determine which system I logged in from.

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