INSTALL woes solaris 2.4 x86

INSTALL woes solaris 2.4 x86

Post by Pelisa Peli » Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hi Everyone!

Aynbody out there who has installed sol 2.4 x86 over a network with
a server running SCO 3.x OpenServer or similar stuff which is not
a sunos/solaris? If so could be so kind as to send me the procedure
you followed - as much detail as possible!

I having been trying to install solaris 2.4 x86 on my pentium machine
(clone) whose components are supported. The snag is that I do not have
a CDROM and neither a SCSI adapter so the available option for me is
a network installation. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for me where
I can do this they have a compaq unix box running SCO Unix 3.x which
has a SCSI rom. The problem is when I boot my pc with the sol disk
and after having connected on the network it looks for the solaris
rpld daemon when I consulted some people thay suggested that if the
rom mounts successfully and has Rock Ridge Ext support it should
work fine. We got a fix for the RR because it wasn't there before
but still the same problem occurs. NOTE, though that I cannot load
the software on the network server and I have to install from the
remote cdrom!

Any helpers out there, PLEASE?



P.S. Capser has been one of the people I consulted on this and I had
not had the chance to get back to him and I'm sure if he reads this
he'll respond.