XDM configuration File TimeOut variable

XDM configuration File TimeOut variable

Post by A » Sun, 21 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Solaris 2.3, NIS+

Does anyone out there know which variable in the xdm-config file is used to
set the timeout duration after a user locks the terminal with too many
incorrect login attempts.

Also, which variable sets the max incorrect login attemps before the terminal
is locked.


1. Booting directly thru xdm - configuration files?

When booting directly into X through xdm, what are the configuration files
that are read?
My problem : I am able to run X using command line startx, and also able to
start xdm manually thru the command line. But when I try to boot directly
into X(by changing the init), X claim that it cannot find certain files. It
seems that xdm is bypassing .bashrc /etc/profile etc. Do I include all my
PATH etc in the xsession file?


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