TALK between solaris and OS/2

TALK between solaris and OS/2

Post by Michael Steven Younke » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone had any luck opening a talk session between solaris and
OS/2?  I know that solaris is using the old talk protocol on port
517.  It appears that OS/2 has both old and new talk, however, it
will not connect with my solaris machine.  Any advice will be
greatly appreciated, and responses can be directed off line to

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to some help!



1. "talk"/"ytalk" to Sun Solaris and AIX talk daemon


The talk and ytalk program in my linux machines won't connect to the
talk daemon in my friends accounts in Solaris and AIX. The talk program
keep waiting for "invitation", and ytalk just say that there is no talk
daemon on the destination machine. Even if my friends initiate the talk,
I cannot talk back, although I received the invitation to talk to them.

I guess this is apparent from the man page of talk:

The version of talk(1) released with 4.3BSD uses a protocol that is        
incompatible with the protocol used in the version released with 4.2BSD
(SunOS/Solaris uses this old protocol).

That's probably the reason with the AIX, and with ytalk, too.

Well, is there any talk / ytalk for Linux that can talk "the old ways"
to a Solaris or AIX machines?


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