need CONCH software (console concentrator)

need CONCH software (console concentrator)

Post by Gerald Ha » Fri, 16 Feb 1996 04:00:00

We are setting up a situation where I need some software I
once had but no longer have and don't remember where I found it.

The program was called 'conch' and allowed a single system to
provide access and logging for the serial port consoles on
a number of other server systems.

Any information on this would be appreciated, as would any
references to other packages and/or products that would allow
us to do this.



1. ?? Console Concentrator HW ??

I have a number of SUN Solaris Boxes that I want to concentrate the
console devices (serial) to a single display device.

Does anyone know any stock (vendor made)(existing) solutions.
This setup has to exist out there.

The current setup has a straight ABCDE.. serial switch box
entering into a admin computer but if that computer reboots
then some transients are transmitted (read breaks) to the
console port (Serial port A) - of ABCDE... hosts.

Please reply directly

Thanks in Advance,

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