Solaris 2.5 system file table and file lock info for alerting on thresholds

Solaris 2.5 system file table and file lock info for alerting on thresholds

Post by Tom Edga » Sat, 18 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I'm writing a monitor to trap on certain system variables (i.e., proc
table, file table, lock table, shm id, sem ids, and load avg).

I can get most of these via adb/sysdef/ipcs/sar -v.

My difficultly is with file table and locks (system wide).

running sar -v shows e.g., 470/470 for  file table.  I assume this is
one of the dynamic tables and is not limited like proc table.
Can someone confirm this?

Also, running sar -v shows 0/0 for locks (where n>0).  This may be that
no file locks were active at the time - or it is not
reported by sar.  Can someone comment on this?

For each parameter I'm looking for the numerator and the denominator
(i.e., used/available) to give, potentially a percentage.

Your help is much appreciated (I'm cranking through the Sun Performance
Tuning book, Panic, Sun Capacity and Planning,
System Performance Tuning, Sun Education System Performance Management,
and an assortment of other books).  but
cannot definitively answer these remaining questions.  I plan to also
look at the Answer book.

Knowing the symbols in the kernel would be helpful.  I did grep for the
symbol table in /dev/ksyms and had no luck for system
files and file locks.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tom Edgar
313-206-4701 (work) 9-6 EDT


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