solaris 9 / cyrus imap sasl compile problems

solaris 9 / cyrus imap sasl compile problems

Post by crakow.. » Mon, 08 Jul 2002 03:52:26


I am wondering if anyone has been able to successfully get cyrus imap
running under solaris 9. I'm having a whole lot of trouble getting
this to compile.. each step closer I get, it fails on something new. I
have the latest cyrus imap, sasl, openssl and berkeleydb installed. I
want to use cyrus sasl for authentication. Cyrus sasl did compile and
install, but I'm not convinced I did a successful job of it.

I apologize for not posting specific errors. This is driving me crazy
and I need to get some fresh air. I'm hoping that if someone HAS has
success with this, they will please email me directly and hopefully
lend a helping hand.

Thanks for your time and any support!