Solaris 2.5 on TP760CD

Solaris 2.5 on TP760CD

Post by bampo.. » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00

>Anyone have any experiences to report installing Solaris 2.5 x86
>on a IBM ThinkPad 760CD?

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I've installed Solaris 2.5 on my ThinkPad 760CD.  The basic installation
was relatively straight-forward.  However there is at least one major

There does not seem to be Solaris support for the Trident * 9320 video
chip set used by the TP760CD.  This means that you can only get 640x480x16
 resolution using only about 80% of the screen.  A real problem if you are
using X Windows.  I'm still trying to resolve this issue.  If you have a
resolution for it, I'd appreciate knowing about it and will keep you
similarly informed with my progress (or lack of same).

Another potential problem involves the MWAVE modem.  Now, this part is
purely speculative, since my Mwave isn't working.  Actually, my TP760 was
purchased in February for the Director of my organization.  Having decided
it was too heavy to carry around comfortably, he bought a Toshiba Portege,
and I inherited the TP760  last week.  However, there are a couple of
serious problems with it, and I have  sent it back to IBM for warranty
service.  Having said that, I suspect that the Mwave won't work with
Solaris for the same reason that you can't get higher than 640x480
resolution:  lack of appropriate device driver.  Now, I might be wrong
about that. But, if there is no support for the Trident 9320, then the
Mwave may well fall into that same category.  Luckily, there is at least
an option if that is true:  buy a PCMCIA modem.  According to some of the
people I've talked with, that's the thing to do  anyway.  Apparently the
Mwave modem is a finicky item at best.



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