ISC 4,0 NFS clients & 2.3 server =? troubles ??

ISC 4,0 NFS clients & 2.3 server =? troubles ??

Post by Zbigniew J. Tyrl » Mon, 18 Apr 1994 09:34:05

Hello !


junior:20:23:45:~$ uname -a
SunOS junior 5.3 Generic_101318-32 sun4m sparc
Patch 101344-05 applied

junior:20:23:48:~$ share
-               /fs1/home   anon=0,ro,rw=gazpacho:wariat,root=gazpacho:wariat   ""  

wariat:20:25:45:/usr/spool/news/sci/med/aids$ uname -a
wariat wariat 3.2 2 i386

If I mount exported partition from junior to wariat using:
        mount -f NFS junior:/fs1/home /mnt
                        or via automounter:
        home   -rw     junior:/fs1/home

then bad things happnes;
        editing file on a nfs-mounted partition
        ( as regular user, or as root )
        makes connection to hang cold when saving
        a file. session never returns to prompt, just
        sits.. ( it happend with vi, emacs, and ce ).

        killing session on client does nothing.
        Only reboot clears it.

Mouting partiton from junior to gazpacho (SunOS4.1.3) works
OK. Mounting partiton from wariat -> junior works OK.

Anyone have seen it ?
Where should I look at ? Is it my error or something else ?

Replies via e-mail, please.


1. Secure NFS: 2.3 client 4.1.3 server, NIS?

Hello folks,

I had occasion to suddenly set up secure NFS recently.  I have a network of
4.1.3 machines with one Solaris 2.3 machine.  I run NIS (not NIS+) from a 4.1.3
server, and all machines, including the Solaris machine access that.

I was able to do newkey -h for all the machines OK, and keylogin as root
to them all (kelogin -r on the 2.3 system).  The 4.1.3 machines can mount
filesystems between themselves with the "secure" option in the fstab and
/etc/exports.  The Sol 2.3 machine can't.  In fact, when I try a

        mount -F nfs -o secure sunos4mach:/somefs /somefs

the mount command dumps core.  It does seem to send a request to the SunOS4
machine, but the local keyserver is never contacted.  (Running the
/usr/lib/fs/nfs/mount command directly also dumps core)

Has anyone made successful secure mounts from a 2.3 machine to a 4.1.3 machine
in a NIS environment?  If so, how?


                                Ted Nolan

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