Upgrading Sparc storage arrays (probably a little long)

Upgrading Sparc storage arrays (probably a little long)

Post by Bart Hampshir » Thu, 28 Oct 1999 04:00:00


Need some advice and I just watched my crystal slip out of my hands and
shatter into a million, pretty, shiny shards of worthless glass.

Currently have an E5000 with two Model 114 SSA's each with twelve out of
a possible thirty drives.  We are running Solaris 2.6 and using Veritas
VM 2.x to mirror the drives between the two arrays.  We need to increase
our storage capacity and I would like to tune the arrays enterprise wide
database applications.

From talking to our local VAR, we have a couple or realistic hardware
options.  Given your experiences, which option would you choose?
(Please feel free to add other suggestions.)  I am not sure when the box
may be upgraded/replaced as the project they are using it for keeps
changing, but it's already two years old and the project won't be
completed for about 2 more years (no one here has any clues about final
specs for the platform and I would like to cover all possible outcomes
as best I can).

1)  Add more 4.1GB SCSI-2 drives to the current array. (Personally, I
think this is could be a waste of money, but I have been wrong before -
too many times to count.)

2)  Trade in one of the SSA's for a newer model SSA (most likely in the
5x00 line, unless you have a better recommendation).  The upgrade plan
will allow to keep some of the current drives from the trade in SSA and
add them to the SSA we keep.  (Assuming we trade in, should I go for a
fiber channel or SCSI attached array?  SCSI attached would require the
purchase of a DFW I/O board.  Would I have to do some creative
administration to get the model 114 fiber attached array to mirror the
SCSI attached array?  *Honestly, I am not trying to start a holy war,
but I would like to hear the opinions of a few people on this subject.*)

I realize that this is not much information, but right now it is about
all I have as well.


*mutters* "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job"


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I have a Sparc Storage Array 112 up and running on an Ultra 1 with
Solaris 2.5.  Using Veritas vxva, the array contains 6 2GB drives
combined using RAID 0+1.

I have another Ultra 1 with Solaris 2.5.1, that I need to move the array
over to.  I don't want to change the setup of the array, I basically
want to just mount what is there on the new machine.

The Sbus card is already installed in the new machine.  If I install the
Veritas software and patches on the new machine (and upgrade the
firmware on the array), is it possible to copy the configuration files
(if any) from the old system to the new system and then edit the vfstab.

Where can I find these files?  I'd like to avoid recreating the volumes
and I plan on leaving the mount entry commented out in /etc/vfstab on
the old machine so it can be pressed into service in an emergency.

- Alex Finkel

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