Sun Internet Site info required

Sun Internet Site info required

Post by Michael Gur » Mon, 01 Aug 1994 19:29:14

What are the names of Sun sites that contain Solaris X86 files or news

thank you.

A trawl of Solaris & Sun via Gopher revealed a few relating to gnu cc
files. There must be more.

thank you.

Mike Gurr


1. Info required - PPP info & patches for SUN Solaris 2.4

This is being posted for a friend, please reply to the email
address at the bottom of this article.

Firstly - I must apologise if this has been covered before, but I have
no access to news so can't follow the group.

I have recently installed PPP on my SUN SPARC 20 at work. I have read
FAQ on this an managed to get it all working ok. I can connect to SUN
with a PC running Trumpet. No problems there. WIN95 causes crash of

I have found some sketchy info related to PPP on Solaris ( don't know
what version info applies to ) and WIN95  ppp connection causing
crashes. Can anyone elaborate on these problems. A patch was mentioned
to fix this ( patch 102854-01 ). I can't find this patch on any of the
sun sites or mention of it or any info ??

Also other patches associated with aspppd fixes and ppp_diag fixes
where mentioned - I can't find these either or any more info. (
patches 102820-01, 102956-01 )

Any information related to above or anything else I should know would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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