Desperate: Polling software needed for Solaris (custom/shareware/commercial)...

Desperate: Polling software needed for Solaris (custom/shareware/commercial)...

Post by Troy Kena » Sun, 21 May 1995 04:00:00

I am desperately looking for a reliable polling system to run under
Solaris 2.4

We have a Sparc20 with 16 modems (19200) attatched to 2 Spif boards.
Once a month this machine must poll out to over 400 palmtops (Psion) over
6 hours. The main function of the software would be to dial-up each
and download about 250k.

Due to inherent problems with Sol 2.4 our attempts at writing a program
failed; ie. a broken 'ct' (not to be fixed with Sol 2.5) and a bug in the
- perhaps the causing the problem in 'ct'.

Sun have responded quite quickly to our support calls but don't seem to be
too energetic at actually solving the problem.

We need help...

Troy Kenah.